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William J Owens Jr DC, DAAMLP

“Handling Reports in the Office”

Marketing is all about showcasing your abilities throughout the community.  We all know that traditional methods are failing to produce.  Innovation is required to stay ahead of the curve.  The best way to initially and consistently get your name out there is through reporting.  If you don’t know what a report should look like, check out the EMR example in the Forms and Communications section of the Members area. 

When you create the initial and re-evaluation reports scroll to the bottom of your note and type the names of EVERY doctor and/or lawyer that is involved with the patient’s care.  In a managed care note, it would be the PCP, medical specialist and carrier (goes with the billing).  In a PI case it would be the PCP, Surgeon, Pain Management, Lawyer and carrier (goes with the billing).  You complete ONE note and your staff knows instantly who gets a copy.  The referring doctor always goes on the cover page of the fax.  If the patient wasn’t referred by a MD, then I automatically put the PCP on the cover.  THESE GET FAXED to the proper office and the hard copy goes in the chart.  You should have a fax machine that has the Confirmation Page feature enabled.  That is as good as mailing with a Return Receipt costing several dollars per mailing.  This is also a great feature for disability reports to employers etc.  That is the PROOF that it was received and when needed I have faxed that coversheet with the words RECEIVED ON circled.  It protects you and your staff. 

It is critical to not be generating a “special” report for the carrier, MD or lawyer.  Touch it ONCE.  This system will enable you to report on EVERY patient, send copies to any other professional that is working with them and position you as an expert.  There is no other way to grow your practice and meet current documentation requirements. If you have questions on getting going with these concepts, please email me at

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