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I have written about credentials in the past and if you want to learn more about their importance, please visit the US Chiropractic Directory at  The professional development of your CV is critical to long term success. 

Today though, I want to focus on the outreach portion of the MD program and why this is important.  It is all about setting goals on a weekly basis that will turn into measureable results on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.  It really is about “getting things done”.  Many doctors feel the pinch on a daily basis and there NEVER seems to be enough time in the day to get done what the practice demands, let alone make time for promotion.   There a kazillion (yes I said kazillion) books from every expert under the sun telling you how to manage time and how to prioritize.  I am NOT going to be one of those people.  What I will tell you is there is ONE simple measure in your practice that will prioritize everything.  That is RESULTS PRODUCING.  What things on a daily basis are producing results and what ones are supportive in nature?  The key when you are crunched for time is ONLY RESULTS PRODUCING tasks are done during active business hours while the supportive tasks are DONE AFTER HOURS OR WEEKENDS.  Here is a list of what I would consider results producing and supportive see if you agree with me on this.


Adjusting patients

Report of findings

Nutritional consultations


     MD research drop offs

     MD lunches

     MD phone calls

     Utilizing DME reps, other providers to help build relationships


Paying bills

Staff meetings (either first thing or last thing of the day)

Narrative reports

Records requests


I think that you get the point.  How successful to you think the doctor that sits the entire afternoon paying bills, writing narratives and meeting with staff during prime networking hours is going to be in the long run.  You have to put your efforts into the slots that they are most effective in.  One your new patients are UP, your collections will go UP and you can hire someone to fill in on the supportive tasks.  This is critical because NOW you will know how to get the supportive tasks done properly so you will be able to delegate properly.  When you are looking to increase referrals and build relationships with the MD community, the amount of time that you are able to spend on RESULTS PRODUCING tasks will make the difference.    Call me if you need help.

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