#1 Program and Office Infrastructure

                                                                 MD Referral Program

                                                                                         Consultation #88

                                                                                         From the Desk of:

                                                                        William J Owens Jr DC, DAAMLP, CPC

                                                                                    #26 Talk to Me 

Those of you that are taking advantage of scheduling a time to talk with me each week understand the benefits. Picking a time (say, Tuesdays at 9am) has been very effective for us to stay in touch and work your MD contacts. Once we get going, we can work through email, but in the beginning I have to know what is happening with you on a regular basis. When you are building momentum it is critical to stay with it. You are the LEADER in your area and need to create your own luck with my help and experiences. The doctors that are successful are the ones that talk with me, get their “TO DO” items done then get back on the phone with me. It is that desire that create REFERRALS.

To illustrate an example, Dr. Jason Stanczyk (Michigan) drove to Buffalo with his wife Jennifer to shadow me at my clinic. He came to see how we can see 85 patients per day, get all their notes done, write orders for tests and refer patients for specialty consultations by using an EMR with comprehensive templates and macros. Jason is now consulting regularly with an MD and her GROUP of providers and increasing MD referrals daily. It is Jason’s focus and desire to build relationships and streamline his office that is making the difference. By the way, he probably calls me daily!

Here are some of the items that I will be focusing on with the MD Program in the next week that are going to take you to the next level. These are items that we have always had, but based on the feedback and talking with doctors across the country, I needed to get them better organized and put them into a step by step process in a “Pillar” type of format. These “Pillars” will allow you to instantly understand where you and your practice are in your community so that we can increase efficiency and increase referrals. There will be details associated with each of these points and the “Pillars” of success with MDs will be outlined. For now, these are the areas of focus.

Details on how to interact with each type of medical professional, Primary Care, Pain Management, Surgeon and Neurologist. I am creating a series of Consultations based on my work with DCs across the country and the ONE SPECIFIC APPROACH to get them to listen.

Show you how to outline a detailed plan for YOU and YOUR area to work with private practitioners, setup Consultations in the MD office OR create a proposal for brining chiropractic care INTO a medical practice.

Meet with and help MDs grow THEIR practices to expedite the relationship building process.

Details on building an email database to share your CV additions, chiropractic Bimonthly Flyers and clinic news with the MD Community.

Create relationships with your local Imaging Centers to provide continuing educationpresentations to the Medical Community.

Build a network of like minded chiropractic doctors in your area to increase patient referralsfrom the medical community.

This is very exciting stuff and is revolutionary. More to follow in the next few days.{jcomments on}

This information is for the MD Relationship Program members ONLY. It is not to be shared, e-mailed, copied or mailed to any other party without express written permission from the MD Relationship Program. The information contained below is governed by US copyright law and intellectual property rights and privileges. If you are receiving this information and are not part of the MD Relationship Program, you are receiving this in an unlawful manner and may be subject to legal ramifications. 

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