#1 Program and Office Infrastructure 

#32 Your TOOLS to Succeed

This program is the most comprehensive ever created, you have more tools to succeed than any DC in the nation.  Here is a list of what you have to communicate with and teach MDs in your area.  This is the BIG picture…Research and Reporting are the entry level and are non-negotiable, they are your foundation.  The others are added from there.

Bimonthly Research Binders – these are to be used to “break the ice” and have a reason to full up with MD offices.  Otherwise you are one and done.   Use this to promote the Evidence and to offer solutions.

Proper reporting – this is a basic essential to working with any professionals including MDs.  There is a wealth of information on the website for you to learn.  You will need to decide on an EMR, it will be mandatory in 2015.   The EMR you choose MUST streamline your reporting and allow you to insert research and write proper orders.  If not, it is a non-starter.  I use www.softwaremotif.com and have used it for the last 8 years.  I have consistently tried to find a reason to leave…I have yet to find one.

EMR Templates – EMR/EHRs come basically blank or with crappy templates created by people that are not in active practice.  Check out www.emrmacros.com and learn how this can be used as a tool to TEACH the MD how to streamline their offices.  Use these Macros and Templates to build relationships in the medical community.  Believe me, I do it on a weekly basis with primary care and specialists.  Some are just getting started with EMR/EHR and need your help, these templates are easy to use and easy to recommend. 

Billing and Coding – I am a certified professional coder.  We are in the process of creating a listing of all the collection laws by State to assist you in increasing you collections.  MDs need your help as well, they are suffering like everyone else.  I am available to teach Billing/Coding and Collections for you TO the MDs in your community.  These presentations are done through GoToMeeting and are done over lunch.  This fall I will have the course approved for CME to make it SUPER EASY on you to get MDs and their office staff to attend.  Email me for more details.

CME Program Details are found at http://www.mdreferralprogram.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=7&Itemid=14 click here, log in and scroll about halfway down to MD Lecture Program.  Very few DCs are teaching MDs at this level.  Decide to make a difference and create your future.  This is easy to do, email me and I will show you how to promote these lunch and learn lectures where MDs can get credits toward licensure.  

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