EMR, Macros and Reporting to the Medical Community



There is a lot of information on EMR [Electronic Medical Record]/ EHR [Electronic Health Record] out there. To be part of the healthcare system, you will need to have one. Everyone will have to use one by 2015 or face Medicare penalties. That is important, but one of the most important aspects of the EMR/EHR is creating a reporting system in your practice that is efficient, compliant and profitable. Reporting effectively to the MD is an important marketing tool and is overlooked by 99% of all practicing DCs.  Get organized in sending reports to area medical providers to promote your practice while showcasing your expertise and clinical competence – it is easier than you think.  This section is about reporting like an EXPERT in as much time as it takes to complete a travel card!

Teaching Through Reporting 
Effective Reporting to the MD 
Evolving Your Documentation
Prognosis and Ongoing Chiropractic Care
Clinical Competence

Report Like an Expert 
Don’t Lose Patients 
How to Start Reporting

Prepare the Beginning with the End in mind


Create a Clinical NOTE not a STORY 


Notes, Notes, Notes 

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