Why Some Will Talk 

Communicating with the MD is critical to modern patient care, however; if you have been around for more than 30 seconds, you know that there are some MDs that will talk to you and others that will blow you off.  I personally believe there are serious malpractice issues with non-communication, but that may be for another consultation.  For now, we will keep it REAL


FACT-it was not until 1986 that the AMA had stopped advising its membership that it is unethical for an MD to associate with a doctor of chiropractic.  That was not that long ago and many DCs don’t understand that it plays a large role in how we are perceived and accepted in the MD community.

Keep in mind the “Graduation Date” of the MD you are talking to, if they graduated (medical school, not Residency) prior to 1986 they will have a different attitude than those that graduated post 1986.  In 2012, a 1985 graduate would be 51 so that is the cutoff line.  The younger the MD is compared to 51 the more they will be open to talking with you.

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