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 #38 The Anatomy of the Research Binder

I wanted to address the importance of reaching out to the medical community and why the Research Binder is a critical part of your work.   I know for fact that the DCs that understand the use of the binder and “get it” at every level are getting the most referrals. Those that have overthought it, tried to do it a different way or simply procrastinate fail. They fail to ever get anything off the ground or to make anything happen. Those that follow the simple directions of getting binders out, will understand that it is easier than you think to build relationships with the medical community. This is working across the USA and in Canada, which has a totally different healthcare system then we do. The common link is research and relationships. So here is WHY we use the binder.


Building relationships takes frequent face to face contact. That is why most chiropractors fail to really connect with the medical community. There are very few places where we are face to face and have time to get to know each other. In the medical community it is the hospital where most doctors and mid-level providers meet and build relationships. The chiropractic community isn’t involved generally in that situation and therefore is on the outside looking in. When I built the two hospital clinics, we were able to walk down and meet with MDs all the time. Many of those providers are still close friends to this day. That is powerful. The binder allows us to frequently visit the MDs, similar to how we did it in the hospital setting, but now we are not under the same roof.


Your office has to have a plan to reach out to the medical community. It can be weekly or monthly, but it has to be a plan. Many times daily practice operations get in the way and we get bogged down with the crap of running an office. Substituting practice supportive services for practice building services is a recipe for disaster both short and long term. You can stay late or work weekends to get you supportive tasks complete, but you CANNOT reach out to the Medical community after 4pm or on Sat or Sun. Layout your “battles” and create a way to handle them. To build a relationship you need to be in front of them CONSISTENTLY over time.


You will NEVER build any relationship with the medical community if you are pandering for patients. It is a huge turn off and quickly becomes a barrier.   No one wants to be told what do to and that is what you are doing when you’re asking for patients. There can be a time for that when you relationship has matured, but in the beginning it will destroy any ability for you to get it started.   Most MDs can sense BS from a mile away, remember they are training in healthcare, however there training is based on best practices and research. When you come in and have nothing to back it up, they immediately don’t trust you. That will prevent you from EVER being invited into their “inner circle” and it is that inner circle that contains all their patients! The educational process is a NEVER ending process and one that requires Peer Reviewed Indexed research. It is the only way, they are looking to protect their licenses AND provide the best care to their patients. If you can provide rationale to protect their license (by showing what we do is not experimental) and show them through reporting and research that what we do works…GAME OVER. You will have a relationship for life.

Binder Contents

Doctors CV

Bimonthly Flyers – when starting put in 5-6 printed in full color (make sure that you READ them)

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