Being a Leader in Spine Care – What it takes

Leadership is often a lonely and exhausting position to be in, it requires long days and sleepless nights and many doctors are not willing or able to survive in that role.  There are 5 critical components to not only being accepted as a leader, but to maintain the leadership position as you grow.   These components must be grounded in a foundation of respect for yourself, respect for others all the while having others respect you and your vision.  That is not an easy task, but it is certainly one that does not occur overnight and can be lost in a millisecond.    This series of consultations are about the foundations of becoming a leader and the mindset it takes to get there AND maintain it. 

Critical Component #1 – Leaders look the part

Perception is not EVERYTHING but it is close, and in my opinion it has less to do about financial security ( I know lots of idiots with money) and more about attention to detail and discipline.  Your dress has to be consistent with the environment that you are working in; coming in underdressed is as bad as being overdressed.  Wearing a tuxedo to a beach party would be as laughable as wearing a t-shirt and shorts to a corporate board meeting.  I personally dress different based on the day and what my schedule entails.  When I am “doctoring” I dress a certain way and when I am meeting for business and strategic alliances I dress another.  The golden rule of dressing is when you are in a business meeting or event, you dress one level ABOVE the attendees.  If it is business causal, you dress suit and tie, if it is causal I wear slacks and a pressed shirt.  When it is formal, you wear the best looking tux you can get your hands on if you don’t own one already.  That makes people perceive you different than the rest, AKA you STAND OUT.  What is critical to remember is to have your shirts and slacks pressed professionally with medium starch, there should be no wrinkles and it should not appear as though you just got off the couch.  Remember if it LOOKS like you don’t give a crap, now one else will either. 

Personal grooming is another thing, make sure you get a haircut regularly, again that is part of the discipline process.  Picture the last marine you saw…not to say that you need THAT type of haircut but they look put together and like they have a mission.  Same for chiropractic leaders, you would be AMAZED at how many doctors I see wearing stained clothes, old shoes and clothes that do not fit.  If you gain weight BUY NEW CLOTHES, if you lose weight BUY NEW CLOTHES.  There is no reason to have baggy pants and an oversized dress shirt or skin tight clothing bulging in all the wrong places!   Guys if you are going to have scruff or grow a beard make sure that it is trimmed and sculpted.   Ladies, manicure and pedicure are as important as is your hairstyle.  Your hairstyle and dress should be appropriate to the situation and the decade that we are living in!  Cocktail reception is different than clinic days, so look and dress appropriately.  If you can’t take care of YOURSELF how do you expect to take care of OTHERS

These things seem trivial but when you pay attention to them you will feel better, you will have more purpose and people will treat you different.  Give it a week and see what happens. 

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