Leaders create an environment that encourages personal growth

Being a leader is also about creating an environment for those that you are leading to be able to grow themselves personally and professionally. Nobody is looking for a dead-end job, believe me.  In many cases this is why your staff would quit without even telling you, they perceive that there is no extra place for them and no place to evolve within your organization.  They have to believe in you and your vision, you have to thank them by creating a safe workable environment that allows them to grow. One of the questions that I ask myself often, especially with big business decisions is does this benefit the company and the people that are supporting it? If the answer is NO to either one of those, then we have to refocus on what we’re doing and modify or ditch the concept all together. 

Remember when it benefits the employees it will also benefit you.  I am not saying that you have to involve them with the decision-making from the top down but you have to make sure that changes will create a positive workflow environment for them. Stressed employees are bad employees. That doesn’t mean that they don’t work hard, it just means that they work hard with a very specific direction in mind.  I work really hard to protect the people that work for me from outside influences and bad energy, and that includes assuming that they do not understand everything. Remember you cannot delegate what you don’t know yourself, that is part of the leadership paradigm.  Explore, create, modify, secure THEN delegate. Again as I suggested in the previous consults if you need help with the same available to talk with you. Always remember that sometimes it’s not them it’s YOU!

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