Magic Language for the Pediatrician 

Many times we find ourselves being asked by parents to evaluate a child that was involved in a motor vehicle accident.   This is a great time to reach out to the pediatrician, however you have to understand how pediatricians think and feel about healthcare interventions.  Here is a list of items to keep in mind… 

1:  Pediatricians are the most conservative of all providers 

2:  They have minimal to no exposure to musculoskeletal care and have NO idea what chiropractic is, although they may have a “bone setter” perception of chiropractic. 

3:  They operate and expect others to operate strictly within their professions scope of practice. 

4:  They will not work with ANYONE that provides treatments that are not published in the scientific literature.  

These guys are under constant scrutiny from specialty groups and are hit from many angles so their tolerance for “alternative ideas” is definitely limited UNTIL THEY GET TO KNOW AND TRUST YOU.   They expect chiropractors to lecture them on vaccination issues and how they can “cure” scoliosis.  So these items have NO place in your conversation with them at the beginning.  In fact, the vaccination issue should NEVER come up, ever.  You can have your own personal convictions as we are all entitled too, but as a professional that is so far outside your scope of practice it drives them nuts.  Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about what to say when you call them, this script will help you to dispel some myths and start to gain their trust.  I should point out that my kids pediatrician has a pediatric board certified chiropractor rotating through their practice regularly.  If you want to build a pediatric practice, then get additional training and I will help you to work with the MD community.


This is Bill Owens, I am Joey Smith’s chiropractor and he was recently in for evaluation after a car accident.  It seems that most of his pain right now is myofascial and mechanical in origin and he is feeling better.  My focus is on his spinal mechanics and my treatment is gentle and mostly stretching so it is all low force.  I am working closely with his mother/father.   I am sending over his report so your chart is complete along with my CV.   I can also provide you with some peer reviewed indexed research if you would like.  

That is it…you should make time to stop down and meet the staff and make friends.  The magic language is mechanical and low force treatment.

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