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#44 Why MDs Send Patients to Physical Therapy and not Chiropractic!

This is always a difficult question for the chiropractor to understand, but the more you are around the MD community the easier it is to understand the answer.

You should know that through all my work with medical students, medical residents and the clinical community at large I have been told numerous times NOWHERE in medical education are they taught to refer to Physical Therapy for any reason, let alone spine care. So the thought eventually comes to mind, “If MDs are not taught to refer to PT, then WHY do they?” The simple answer that occurred to me last week while I had a 4th year medical student with me that is going on to her Internal Medicine Residency, was BECAUSE PTs MARKET TO MDs! SIMPLE, MDs know PTs and use them because the PT had marketed their services to the medical practice. Imagine that…so take this as a major learning issue…many DCs complain the MDs send to PT or even sometime they “loose” the patient but in the END whose fault is it really? It is not the MD and it is not the PT, in fact it is the chiropractor for not educating the medical community on chiropractic, evidence based research and to get out there and market their services through sharing research, making friends, lunch and learns and formal continuing education programming. What are you waiting for? New patients go to the leaders…

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