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A new Membership Portal has been set up to assit you in finding the more recent updates to the MD Referral Program content and website.  Essentially this is your DashBoard which will allow you to keep track of what you have reviewed and those items that have yet to be read.  Email notifications will be sent to make you aware of changes, but the content will be listed on this Portal.  Items will be posted in order with the most recent being sent first followed by past postings. There will be a link following the description of the content that will take you to that particular section. 

I appreciate your feedback and suggestions on how I can get this content to you quicker and in a more direct format.  There is a trendous amount of information to share with you and your continued help in making that happen effectively will only increase your new patient visits and your income.  I am looking forward to us all working at the next level together. Please make sure that you check your spam filter often. 





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