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What is a REAL marketing plan for your practice? 

Why do so many fall SHORT of their GOALS?

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#8 Marketing, Branding and Entrepreneurship 

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This is a critically important part of the program and your success both clinically and financially.  You need to connect with these providers, notice that I say providers and not just MDs.  This is important since I have reviewed my stats over the last 90 days again, and they continue to show the same interesting trends, 70-80% of my referrals out of MD offices come from staff.   If you can’t find a way to connect with the MD (language barrier, lack of common hobbies etc.) then bond with the office manager and their spouse or the referral manager or even the Physician’s Assistant.  Personal relationships in this category are developed by finding a common reason to get together that is NOT based on work.  For example, I don’t golf so that is not an option for me, but I have MD friends that I will go to dinner with, have cocktails immediately after work with or find an event to go to together.  This could be a professional sports event (you don’t have to buy season tickets, find someone with really good seats and buy a single game from them), many imaging companies have corporate boxes for AAA Baseball, pro football, pro hockey etc., ASK them to help you build a relationship with the MD, they will happily oblige.   Many times they would love to take you and an MD office’s staff to dinner.  There are lots of creative ways to build relationships, BUT my suggestion is to find something that YOU and/or your spouse or family like to do…it is fun to socialize with people that are referring your business…it is the perfect combination of both worlds and it works.  My office each summer does a sunset cruise on a big sailboat in Lake Erie, we invite about 75 MDs, their staff and families to come out.  We have food and there is a cash bar, that runs about $750 plus food which is all sponsored.   People LOVE THAT, think about unique things that make you and your office memorable but don’t forget sometimes a breakfast or quiet lunch is also effective, I try to match the level or outreach to the particular person.  YOU HAVE TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH THEM…it is also critically important that you have good relationships with sponsors since this should not be costing you anything! 

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