Clinical Communication is Different 

A clinical discussion regarding a patient has a very different structure and syntax compared to a social or a “normal” conversation.  This is an area where the chiropractic profession can do much better, and it has to do with the intensity of the clinical environment when we are in training.  The type of training we receive obviously translates into how we interact with other health care professionals during our private practice years.  

Chiropractors tend to talk “philosophically” about patient care which allows for thoughts, opinions and reasoning.  Medical doctors on the other hand are trained to talk about patient care “scientifically” which means they are simply reciting facts and not necessarily discussing HOW they are coming to their conclusions – it is simply a “If this, then that” scenario.  It is not difficult to see that getting providers to discuss clinical care that use methods that are as different apart as these can complicate patient discussion.  In fact, it breeds intolerance of one another and in the end drives good clinicians apart from one another, in the end the patient suffers. 

Part of your training with me is to start to get your clinical discussions to a place where the MDs will accept it and refer.  The idea is to then start to change their thinking to reflect a more philosophical tone about healthcare so that we can meet in the middle.  When you lead you also have more control, that is what I want for you and your practice.  In fact, many MDs like to talk philosophically about patient care BUT that wont happen until they get to know you and respect your clinical training.  It is that simple.

So moving forward, when we talk I am going to keep our discussions to a minimum.  Us being on the phone for 15 minutes does not help to train you to talk in “MD Language” it only reinforces the “philosophical side”.   When you are calling me, I will be challenging you more so please make sure that you have your ducks in a row and be ready.  In the end this struggle will build you one hell of a practice with endless referrals.

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