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Good morning everyone,
I will be traveling to Dallas to speak all weekend on using the Science of Chiropractic to build relationships with Primary Care Physicians, Medical Specialists, Emergency Departments, Hospitals and Urgent Care Centers.  These seminars are approved for both PACE Credits (Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards) AND Category 1 AMA Credits.  This is unique since it will allow DCs to BRING MDs they work with so that I can TEACH them how to refer.  Remember that everything that you need to learn to generate 4-5 new MD referrals per week into your practice can be done through the MD Referral Program and calling me, HOWEVER, if you need speciality training these seminars are the place to be.  
I will be leaving tomorrow night to travel and will be back on Sunday evening late putting me back in the office on Monday AM.  Here are a few items to keep in mind for the rest of this week and into next week. 
1:  Reach out to ONE PCP whose name that you see regularly in your patient care.  Do a re-evaluation on the patient and hand deliver the note to the PCP office with your CV. Get to know the front desk staff member and introduce yourself.  That is simple and effective.
2:  Update and make your CV look pretty.  If you have trouble on the format go to to get a listing.  It is only $30 and will automate your CV updates and increase your SEO on the internet. 
3:  Subscribe to my Twitter account at that is how I communicate easily at seminars or put out quick important topics. 
4:  Connect with a colleague the you have not seen or talked to for a while, that may be a former classmate, a primary care MD, a medical specialist or anyone else that you had a relationship with in the past.  Connections are what make us human…never forget that.  
I will be available via email, Twitter and text throughout the weekend during breaks etc.  Do something positive to grow your practice!  
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