Getting Personal Injury Patients from Primary Care 

If you are looking to increase your PI referrals from Primary Care Physicians, here is THE SCRIPT for you.  This is AFTER YOUR STAFF CALLS the offices in your area to see if they “Accept Auto/Personal Injury/No-Fault/Med-Pay patients.  These are the offices that will file with the “Commercial Carrier” ONLY.  Once you get the list, this is what you SAY when YOU go there.   Binder with CV and RESEARCH AS ALWAYS and POST-CARDS for them to hand out. 

Good morning Linda, I spoke with your office the other day regarding the care for patients that are injured and who’s insurance is no-fault/medpay.  This is my CV for the doctors here to review, my training is specifically in spinal trauma, as you can see I included some Evidence Based Research.  In fact, my specialty is this kind of insurance and our office is specifically set up to make sure the patient is cared for properly. I would be happy to help you with them and we don’t need a direct referral.  Many offices just send them over via phone.  What is the best way for us to work together?

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