Clinical Consultation 

From:  William J Owens Jr DC DAAMLP


I received this language the other day from a client in KC.  This is important as NOW the Accounts Receivable are factored into to PCP bonuses.  This is new as most bonus systems just focused on Collections.  Read this…Remember, there is no ONE WAY approach to this…There are many tools and the goal is to match the TOOL to the situatiaon. 

“We are coordinating the follow-up with three executive secretary. He said they actually don’t have ortho services at the hospital yet. They contract to two groups. He said that the biggest benefit he sees with all would be for us to reduce the risk profile of their primary docs. Because as things changes to pay for performance we could reduce the patient expense to their primary care profile. So I we probably need to speak again so I can understand more of how we could help that. Plus what I should be prepared for with the two MDs.”  Kansas City, MO



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