Stop Thinking Like a Technician

On a daily basis, I am speaking with chiropractors all over the nation looking to build relationships with medical professionals in their communities.  There is one common question that has come from all areas of the country.  That is, “What does it take to get referrals from the medical community?”  The answer is, “Start thinking like a doctor, NOT a technician and ACT like a SPECIALIST!” 

Think about that for a while…What is the difference between the two thought processes?  A technician is a ‘non-specialist’ and someone who is proficient in a specific technology or who operates in a specific technique.  Essentially, he/she is trained in one thing, but operates that one thing with little decision making.  Take an ultrasound technician or an MRI tech.  He/she is trained in a specific duty and operates at a highly proficient level within a unique environment.  Now let’s look at a doctor. Which one is a linear thinker? Which one has to take everything into consideration?  Who controls the tech? Which one, the tech or the doctor, has a better grasp on the big picture Which one has the ability to understand all the processes in the human body?  Which one directs care? If you do not direct care, then you are acting like a technician.  

That is how MDs view Physical Therapists by the way…as someone they have to watch over and be in charge of directing care. That is why your documentation must look like a specialist’s not a therapists. 

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