Along with having the database built to access the MDs in your area, one of the first exercises to complete will be to use your current patients to start building MD relationships in your community as discussed in prior Consultations.  Many of these patients have MDs that do not know that they are under your care and those that do know will NOT understand what you do.  This is an opportunity to establish a simple system to get your reporting in proper order.  You MUST do a compliance review with me and I need to see your reports. Whether you are using and EMR or not, it is important that we discuss documentation it is one of the most critical parts of your practice and is 100% related to your income. 

Here are the next steps. in the process, you are going to hear this from me in multiple ways and multiple times.  It may seem redundant, but it is THAT IMPORTANT.  Building a successful outreach system and being able to communicate requires a solid documentation system.  Most doctors do NOT receive the level of success they deserve and poor communication is the #1 reason.


Have your staff obtain your active patients’ primary MDs’ names and addresses and instruct them to put this information into the MD Grid that you have created in MS Excel.  Remember there is no particular format that is right, do what is comfortable for you.  Staff can simply ask the patients for this information when they come in for treatment and add the information to each patient’s chart.  YOU or your associates should be asking the patient who else they are seeing as well.  This information is just as important as their Past Medical History, Allergies etc.

Discuss with me what EMR system you are using.  If you are NOT using an EMR system to complete your documentation it is critical that you do, both from a growth perspective as well as compliance and automation.  I have in office forms for both Software Motif (which is what I use) and also ChiroTouch, if you are using something else that’s ok, we can talk.  If you are hesitant that is also OK, that is what I am here for, to help you.\

The GOAL is for US to create a system that will allow you to complete your Initial and Re-valuations within 48 hours of seeing the patient and your SOAP same day.  I have been doing this for 23 years and have been teaching it for 15, it has NEVER been easier to do this since the technology is here to help you.  It is easier than you think, a bit scary but absolutely doable. Once we get to the point of creating a compliant report, then we move to #4.  REMEMBER – never, ever, ever send out a “summary report” no matter what other consultants have told you.  It will KILL your reputation, if you want to discuss call me. I will help you to understand why…


Pick one day per week, say Friday, that your staff will focus on printing all of the Initial and Re-evaluation reports, and fax them out from your office.  At the end of each you are to add a CC.  If you do not know, that is the abbreviation for “carbon copy” and is a way to list all the people that received a copy of the report.  I have had Software Motif program that into system so it gets populated automatically, that software is only $149 per month.  Also,  only those with a records release signed by the patient are copied, your intake form should include a statement that gives you permission to share the patient’s reports with their medical doctors.  The reports are always addressed to the primary care doctor UNLESS another MD refers.  Additionally, they should be cc’d to the insurance carrier, patient’s lawyer and/or medical specialist if appropriate.  This is a VERY effective way to take one completed report and get multiple marketing opportunities out of it.  This is something that your staff will handle, I will help teach them.  All you are doing is examining the patient and either completing the report on your own or having it scribed from within your office.  If you have questions on how a scribe works call me.  Now you are set up to become KNOWN by MDs across the community, all without leaving your office!