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Call us to learn WHY our Doctors of Chiropractic are being sought to manage Personal Injury cases for neurosurgeons, pain management physicians, primary care doctors, urgent care centers, emergency rooms and law firms.  This is the ONLY integrated marketing model that will help your practice to diversify its Personal Injury referrals.  This model ensures you are the GO TO clinic in your community for patient centered, evidenced based spine management in the Personal Injury space.

This program is  proven, reproducible and is updated “almost daily” with new research and proven strategies to meet the contemporary needs of the medical and legal communities to ensure ongoing referral relationships. This is why our doctors succeed year after year.

There is no one in the industry who has the experience and success record of the National Spine Management Group.  Come JOIN US!  This is what I do EVERY day in my office in Buffalo, NY.  You can view my clinic video below the link to my CV.  The National Spine Management difference is that our leadership is “IN THE TRENCHES” every day working to grow with you and your practice.  We discuss, implement and succeed in the modern age of chiropractic BECAUSE it is what we are all doing together.  Does your practice consultant do that?


Click on the following link to request a copy of my FREE E-BOOK titled, “The Future of Interprofessional Spine Care”.  Chiropractic explained in a way that MDs, Lawyers and the Public will understand.


The National Spine Management Group offers Consulting Services that are designed in a basic format that will not up-end the “apple cart” in your practice.  I can show you how to build a long term referral network and a solid business structure in as little as 5 hours per week.  Spend just 5 minutes with me and you will see the difference.


The National Spine Management Program hosts two LIVE events per year.   These LIVE events are supported throughout the year by web-based LIVE programming.  This format allows true professional CE “face time” as well as evidence based support, additional announcements will be available in early 2021.


Clinical Grand Rounds are a critically important aspect of healthcare training, are offered on a weekly basis and are part of a larger platform of chiropractic evidence based graduate education.  The National Spine Management Group has created evidence based, peer-reviewed CE modules focusing on the most common conditions seen in a modern chiropractic office as well as the best way to communicate those conditions to the medical, legal and patient communities.


I just started using the MD Referral Program and focusing on communicating with the medical professionals in my community in a way that THEY understand.  I have 4 PCP offices and 1 spine surgeon referring on a regular basis. Understanding what their needs are and using the right vocabulary has been the missing link.  I highly recommend building your practice through medical referral for chiropractic care.  Anyone can do this…Call Dr. Bill Owens

I have become a more professional doctor and learned a great amount regarding working within the medical system.  Residents from one of our local medical teaching hospitals rotate through my office to experience Chiropractic on a first hand basis.  I have learned how to communicate with administrators and doctors in hospitals and practices and send and receive referrals regularly.  Dr. Bill Owens is one of the top instructors in our field.  If you want referrals from medical professionals, I recommend the MD Referral Program enthusiastically.

This program is designed for the doctor with NO TIME.  I am one of them and have been able to use the fundamentals taught in the MD Referral Program to generate referrals from 26 different medical providers. They include 4 surgical offices, 11 PCP offices, 7 pain management offices, 1 (ENT) ear nose throat, 2 neurologists and 1 endocrinologist.  This program is so powerful that I actually get referrals from an ENT and endocrinologist. There are opportunities everywhere and MDs are looking to refer to the right chiropractor.  Dr. Bill Owens will help you to become that chiropractor without changing your technique or philosophy.  Thanks Bill.

I developed a relationship with a neurosurgeon over a case that initially was in my office.  Since then we have discussed many cases and then I was asked to be in the office next to the neurosurgeon at the hospital. The working relationship has led to helping primary care provider along with specialist such as pain management, cardiologists and emergency department doctors. There are 5 hospitals in Utah associated together that have asked to have chiropractors in the adjoining physician offices!

Since I’ve started the program, we’ve established relationships with 10 different providers…mainly PCP’s, OB/GYN, Mid-levels, Physiatrists in a VERY short time.  I am now presenting chiropractic principles at a large Interprofessional Spine Care conference in Omaha.  I even have a meeting in the works to meet with a fairly large concierge PCP practice, they are looking for a DC for their members!

I received a call from the pain management office I observed while completing the Pain Management Rotation of my Fellowship in Spinal Biomechanics and Trauma.  They asked me if I would be interested in having a fourth-year osteopathic student from Liberty College of Osteopathic Medicine observed my procedures.  Since I had a relationship with the MD and the office staff, a call was made to me!  This would not have been possible without the MD Referral Program and the bridge that I was able to build with this pain management physician.  I called Bill and he had everything from research papers to the “magic” teaching language to use.

Spent last Friday in my Fellowship rotation for Ortho Extremity with a local ortho group with 7 surgeons and 7 NP’s.    The Ortho (CEO) had already seen my CV and somewhat knew about my training.  About the 5th patient in, the examining MD tells the patient, “With what you have going on, you need to see this guy, he is our mechanical spine pain guru, I’ll leave you now to let him do what he does”.  They have a new satellite clinic and a goal to staff it a chiropractor for the “non-surgical” cases. I informed him I was very interested in helping him accomplish his goal!

Yesterday I observed the clinic director and owner at a local pain management clinic. We talked all day and I was able to converse comfortably with him because I read the research in the MD Referral Program.  Long story short, he wants to now introduce me to the clinic close to my office and get to know his other doctors (he owns 3 clinics in this city). He wants to talk more about how we can work more together. I continued to hit on the matter of biomechanics. He really liked how also that I was connected with neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons that he already knew. When I mentioned their names, he become even more comfortable to “include you in the circle”; those were his exact words. He stressed that as long as we all know our place and when something is not working to look to others then everyone will benefit, especially the patient!